A Return to Enlightenment (the book)

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]  RETURN TO ENLIGHTENMENT: the Journey from Source and Back Again, is a story about the quest for spirituality that is unique in the literary world. A Return to Enlightenment will deeply challenge the reader, invoking luminous original thoughts, a new understanding of their own life force and a taste of what sustained super-consciousness looks, sounds and feels like. This book is a beautiful yet brutally honest and often harrowing memoir by Seth Leaf Pruzansky.

This book chronicles how Pruzansky was born into this world with the ability to clearly view reality through the lens of his soul. It goes on to demonstrate how he lost touch with this inner power due to being deeply affected by the conditioning of the world. Things spiral out of control until he meets a man who understands exactly the type of spiritual awakening he is looking for and helps him to find it. But after finding it he discovers that he’s not so sure he wanted to discover it in the first place.

Here begins a rock and roller coaster ride of a story that takes many dangerous and near deadly twists and turns, challenging the reader to question their own purpose in life and perception of reality.

[pullquote-left]A Return to Enlightenment is a rare westerners autobiography about discovering enlightenment in a culture that seems anything but enlightened[/pullquote-left] Pruzansky first wrote this book as a form of self-therapy. He wanted to make sense of a life that is so blatantly unlike the western culture he was raised in. But after sharing it with others, he soon realized the therapeutic value this book could have on the world. This memoir, speckled with self-help aspects comes to the world at a pivotal time.

Pruzansky’s story exemplifies the reason humanity is unable to live in harmony with nature. Individually we have lost touch with our own inner nature. Reconnecting to this inner nature is both immediately possible and urgently necessary for the evolution and survival of our species.

When enough individuals awaken to this realization, human consciousness will be dramatically transformed for the better on a global level. Seth’s goal and mission is to be a fundamental catalyst for this change.

He is a father, author, performing musician (vocalist/songwriter/guitarist), entrepreneur, speaker and health connoisseur. He does workshops both in person and on the Internet and will participate in almost anything where is input is desired.