We have this idea that we’re so self-important, and we are, only not in the way we think.

We have this idea that we’re so self-important, and we are, only not in the way we think.

The self-importance that most of us strive to uphold is based on other people’s standards of what they (or the world) values as important. And these ‘standards’ have been engrained into our thought processes since birth (and probably even before).

But, because we weren’t ever taught how to assess true value through the lens of our own unique perception, our default state has been to adopt the belief and value systems of others. These are hand-me-down views that do not originate from within our own unique self.

And what’s more, is that these systems of perceived thought and belief, most likely didn’t originate from the ones who are passing them down to us. ‘They’ most likely inherited their systems of thought from other peoples inherited systems of thought.

For all we know this inheritance of belief systems could span through countless generations back into antiquity.

This transference of belief systems, handed down from one person and/or generation to the next, (usually beginning from childhood), occurs almost automatically and with very few individuals ever questioning it.

And, the reason why so few question it, is that most of this transference takes place unconsciously, without us even realizing it as we unquestioningly trust and accept the beliefs of others, integrating them into our psyche and then expressing these beliefs and values as our own.

Then, as we get older and more set in our ways, we begin to both express and project these inherited set of beliefs onto others. This behavior offers our ego more self-confidence while allowing us to ascribe a particular value to the beliefs that we express. And, this set of unoriginal and unknowingly inherited values makes up the construct for our ego’s sense of self-importance.

We literally begin to believe that our acquired sense of self-importance is a self-evident truth, only we’re not realizing that the inherited beliefs that make up this sense, were not really ours to begin with.

Therefore how self-important can our sense of self-importance really be if the perceived value of importance that we’ve inherited didn’t come from our original “self” to begin with?

That’s a good question, and its one that any dedicated spiritual, philosophical or fringe thinker needs to ask him or herself.

How self-important are we really?

So, if we have asked ourselves this question and we’ve determined that our current sense of self-importance could be lacking in, and augmented by some serious originality – then how would we go about discovering this ‘elusive’ source that inspires original thought?

A good starting point is to be objectively honest with ourselves and then ask some important questions:

“For all we think we know there’s got to be so much more that we don’t know.”

“And for all that we don’t know, what is it that’s preventing us from knowing more about who and what we really are?”

And with that simple self-inquiry we’ve taken a giant step for humankind by choosing to initiate the process of opening our closed mind – a mind that has unknowingly been sealed shut for countless generations to the scale that it has created in our species, a concrete set of collective belief systems.

This foundational set of belief systems have so repeatedly been accepted as common knowledge that they become the status quo and they take on the appearance of being ‘normal’.

And this appearance of being normal has perpetuated an illusion of reality that seems more real than reality itself. Very few question what almost all of us consider to be normal.

But now that we’ve taken the first step by choosing to open our minds a little, we might be starting to sense that the world we perceive around us is not really ‘normal’ and that in fact, we’re missing some important data!

Let’s go back to clarifying the first sentence in this article.

If the belief that we had about being self-important wasn’t really ours to begin with, than what is it really that’s important about our self?

The truth is that you, all by your little tiny self, are in control of a single choice that is now being faced or ignored on a monumental moment-to-moment basis, by the entire human species.

We are all standing (both together and alone), at the razor sharp cutting edge of the soul’s evolutionary growth as it seeks to become more self-aware of its own potential through us as individuals and collectively as a species.

This choice goes something like this: we can choose to be a victim of circumstances or we can choose to be empowered and change our circumstances (or at least change the way we react to our life’s circumstances).

If we choose to be a victim than we have subscribed to the belief that incidents, actions and traumas of the past define who we are right now and that what has been done, cannot be undone as we go about, continuing to project our life-negating beliefs onto others – because misery loves company.

This choice can lead to the stagnation of our ego and eventually the disappointing demise of our entire being as we face death from our stagnated ego’s perspective.

The other choice leads to the eventual realization that the energy animating our brain and body is nothing short of an incomprehensible miracle. A miracle so profound that’s its able to empower the innate intelligence responsible for the complex physiological functions that are taking place within our very human body – a miracle that most take for granted on a daily basis.

But whatever choice we make most consistently, we will imprint into the neural networks of our brains (and the memory retention qualities of the water in our bodies) and we will then outwardly express (and sometimes project onto others) the thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and actions associated with our choices.

In closing, we are so important to ourselves, each other and everything else, because each one of us, at every moment is only one choice away from more fully integrating the miracle that is human consciousness – into our personal lives. The choice becomes to literally nurture this miraculous gift of life that we’ve been beyond blessed with so that it can grow and develop as a healthy infant-child-kid-adult-wisdom keeper-master inside of us. And, if we make this choice enough times, we start to naturally express and project this realization onto the world – healing and rebalancing the disequilibrium that makes up the collective consciousness of our species.

Or we can be a victim and hide under a rock until death. It’s our choice!

If we choose empowerment then we’ve initiated is the ‘crystallization of human consciousness in action’ as it transforms our ‘normal’ state of awareness from an unformed, colorless, seemingly unimportant blob of a stone, to a translucent, colorful and well-lit crystal that is transmitting complex data-driven frequencies of information, just like crystals have been doing in the most complex supercomputers in the world, right down to your great, great, great granddaddy’s watch.

But what kind of data-driven frequencies are you sending and receiving on a moment-to-moment basis? Are you a victim or are you empowered? It’s your choice. This is what makes you important to your ‘self’ and everyone and everything else!

Thank you for reading

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky was born into this world with the ability to interpret deeply profound universal wisdom directly from his soul. Throughout the course of his life he has learned how to masterfully articulate this knowing in a way that benefits those who are desperately looking for real answers to the big questions in life.

Seth is a father, a soon to be published author of the book “A RETURN TO ENLIGHTENMENT: The Journey from Source and Back Again”, a successful entrepreneur, performing musician, gem miner in Maine, owner of Living Nutz and editor of the blog TheUniversalObserver, a website devoted to globally awakening people to the power residing in their own consciousness.

Seth has spent countless hours in meditation since he was a child, including a “forced” and extended meditation retreat in a monastery called federal prison.

Throughout all of his trials and tribulations he’s made a firm resolution to replace all of his “undesirable” personality traits with healthy and virtuous thoughts, behaviors and actions. A process he’s completely committed to. He’s not just a survivor, throughout it all he’s learned how to thrive and is confident that almost anyone can when they finally come to terms with their inner-self, the energy that animates their brain and body.

Seth faces all his issues head on and he helps others do the same. He inspires people to think luminous original thoughts, exemplifies how to build immeasurable life force and helps people understand how to develop sustained superconsciousness.

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