Life, Death, the God Complex, Planetary Craziness and our own Bliss

These transcripts below are basic bits of what is expressed in the video. The video is way more comprehensive.

It seems like a lot of people get really upset that others experience a state of joy or bliss in our world while they, or so many others are suffering.

But there is an inherent state of bliss that exists as a natural function of our human consciousness and if we know where to find it, we can experience it on a regular basis.

Water retains memory (that’s what homeopathy is). Between the habit formation process (that creates habit based neural networks in our brains causing us to recreate and relive the chemical feeling associated with trauma of the past) ,and the effect the habit forming process has on the ‘memory’ of the bio-waters that make up 99.9 percent of the cells in our body, many people become ‘slaves ‘of their own experience and they have no idea why. They feel stuck. This and more leads us away from experiencing our potentially default state of blissful awareness.

In facing death, one of the first things that happens is that your soul, or the animating principle of your being becomes hyperaware of its own awareness, and the sum total imprint of your life experiences. It then begins an ‘accounting process’ to ‘total out’ these experiences with the next steps being a more easy transition into the ‘ultimate truth’ or a more difficult transition.

If we are born into the world with only our pure awareness, and become more self-aware of the essential nature contained within our pure awareness, we would conduct ourselves in a completely different way than we have because we fully realize the pricelessness of that purity of awareness. Anything other than that purity creates suffering in our lives and the appearance of being separate from the source of our consciousness.

This appearance of separation from the source of our consciousness is ultimately illusory but its a necessary step for this ‘soul’ evolutionary growth inside of us.

Ultimately and from a universally objective standpoint, there is only one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively through each and every one of us. It is doing this so that it can have a greater understanding of its own self-awarness and when we, as the “ego” or personalities who we believe ourselves to be comes to terms with this ‘holistic’ expression of life itself as it pulses through our veins, we begin to experience a state of personal ‘bliss’.

Distractions provide us with a choice. We can either go deeper into disconnection from the essential nature of life or deeper into connection with it.

What are your thoughts about people who feel disturbed or offended with their perception of others who are feeling bliss?

Short answer: the less reactive, or affected we are by others negative feelings towards us, the more we are able to help them experience the peace residing in their own essential nature.

Question: Lots of people have a God complex. What is your perspective on the God Complex that so many people are having these days?

Answer: As individuals we have a disproportionate and imbalanced perception of reality, and as a result of that we have a propensity and a need to feel self-important, or be acknowledged as important by others, so we seek attention. The more we relax into our being and connect to an inner state of calm, the more we are able to move beyond the need for attention because the essence of life itself provides the type of attention we truly need to feel worthy.

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky was born into this world with the ability to interpret deeply profound universal wisdom directly from his soul. Throughout the course of his life he has learned how to masterfully articulate this knowing in a way that benefits those who are desperately looking for real answers to the big questions in life.

Seth is a father, a soon to be published author of the book “A RETURN TO ENLIGHTENMENT: The Journey from Source and Back Again”, a successful entrepreneur, performing musician, gem miner in Maine, owner of Living Nutz and editor of the blog TheUniversalObserver, a website devoted to globally awakening people to the power residing in their own consciousness.

Seth has spent countless hours in meditation since he was a child, including a “forced” and extended meditation retreat in a monastery called federal prison.

Throughout all of his trials and tribulations he’s made a firm resolution to replace all of his “undesirable” personality traits with healthy and virtuous thoughts, behaviors and actions. A process he’s completely committed to. He’s not just a survivor, throughout it all he’s learned how to thrive and is confident that almost anyone can when they finally come to terms with their inner-self, the energy that animates their brain and body.

Seth faces all his issues head on and he helps others do the same. He inspires people to think luminous original thoughts, exemplifies how to build immeasurable life force and helps people understand how to develop sustained superconsciousness.

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