What is the supernatural potential of human consciousness? Here’s what mine is like.

There is a unified field of conscious energy emanating from the core of our being and it is connected to all things great and small.

The more that we focus our awareness on this field the more our awareness of its potential within is amplified.

And as our perception of its potential expands inwardly, we soon feel this frequency vibrating throughout every cell of our physical being. They vibrate individually and yet at the same time in synchrony with each other creating alignment within and around our body. This leads to the harmony of our authentic self.

The more acutely aware of this feeling we become the more this “force” begins to communicate through seemingly countless almost geometric “energy” centers and points of “light” that can be likened to the understanding of what a chakra is. They are like energetic acupressure and acupuncture points naturally existing in and also around the living temple of our human body.

Like countless distant stars in a perfectly clear night sky, our inner view of self becomes like looking out into the Milky Way galaxy while being sensually blanketed by the bright glow of aurora borealis.

And just as significant celestial alignments have the ability to occur in outer space, so too do they here, in this inner space. But the more clear and honest that we get with ourselves the more we realize the possibility for much greater significance “in here” as opposed to “out there.”

The reason for this is that our inner view reveals the potential for a seemingly “perfect” alignment in which this unified field of conscious energy can become more aware of itself through us.

Then when we’re able to reach even deeper into this natural meditation of hyper self-awareness, this conscious energy will then give birth to an ineffable living geometric field that can be said with certainty is absolutely self-aware through “us.”

Aside from all the obvious words that people have used to describe this state such as God, Allah, Brahma or Christ Consciousness, it can more practically be thought of as “Divine Electricity.”

It’s a good explanation because it is the energetic precursor that sends signals to catalyze every function in our human bodies.

Through our brain and nervous system it alchemically sends the electrical impulses that cause our lungs to breathe, our heart to beat and thoughts to arise in our minds. It is what allows us to be self-aware as an evolving human being. It is our pure consciousness, free of any thoughts created by the egoic and separatist mind.

When we focus our attention inside of ourselves, on the place from which thoughts arise, we find this miraculous electrical substance coiled up and waiting for our ego to perceive it. It is the soul. And upon our ego’s acknowledgment that it is indeed the soul, it reveals that it never was separate from the person we believed ourselves to be.

All that happened was that we unknowingly allowed the world to condition our mind to the degree that we weren’t perceptively aware enough to know this part of our self. This left us lost and incomplete, a ship to wreck in an endless sea of energy.

But all that has changed now because we are able to find what we’ve always been looking for! Or is it the other way around? Maybe it is finding itself through us!?!

In any case it truly is Divine Electricity, the miracle of life in action. All that we need do is surrender our egoic awareness to it and it does the rest.

When we focus the dysfunctional aspects of our human perception on this Divine Electricity, it imbues itself into them. Doing this heals our whole being and it brings about a balance that causes us to function in a way that’s supported by forces so much bigger than we are able to perceive with our human mind.

We become deeply humbled to have learned that our soul is able to perceive this spiritual magnanimity because it actually “IS” that spiritual greatness! It just takes intentional union on the part of our focused ego to realize it.

Before long we begin to understand that this state is potentially a paradigm of perfection because it produces a feeling that can only be described as “the best orgasm ever felt multiplied by infinity” and it exists in every part of the body, not just between our legs. But even that says very little of the sensation this feeling produces because it’s hardly sexual in the way that most people would consider sex to be.

It is filled with a love so great that words on their best day could not even come close to describing! But its also not love in the way that most people would consider or think love to be. Its like the feeling one would get knowing that everyone and everything that they’ve ever loved and cared about is right by their side and will always be. It’s the greatest and most unimaginable love that we’ve always imagined wanting to feel multiplied by infinity, if we can imagine that!

That intensely blissful super-sensual-beyond-sexual feeling is the creative impulse of life itself. Of course that’s how it feels! How could life beget life without such a feeling of rapturous ecstasy? It has to feel like that and of course that’s only the beginning of how miraculous it can be.

On a more practical day-to-day level our focus on this energy causes bio and neurogenesis to occur within the living tissue and cells of our human anatomy. With our expanded awareness, this force amplifies itself causing our physicality to regenerate, heal and become stronger. This IS the most potent medicine to be found anywhere in the universe. There isn’t a pill, potion or lotion, or a fountain of youth yet discovered that can come anywhere close to matching its potency!

We can find full confidence in our heart of hearts and soul of souls that this state of awareness represents the next stages of humanities evolution towards supreme levels of super-consciousness. This IS the razor-sharp cutting-edge potential of human consciousness evolving in real time, in the present moment, in the now.

But, despite the enormity of deep peace and blissful satisfaction that being in this state provides, it isn’t something that’s a luxury. At this point in the human species evolution, it’s probably a necessity to self-actualize if we are to survive the destruction that we’ve unleashed on this planet and to our personal and collective souls.

While most of human consciousness and progress seem to be in a contracted and disharmonious state-out of alignment with nature, the universe is not. Even in its chaos it is expanding according to its own essential nature.

So why then should our consciousness not be expanding along with it? After all, that expansion makes up the bulk of what exists in the entire known universe.

But becoming enlightened is one step, staying enlightened takes countless steps. It’s like a choice; only it’s a choice that one has to make over and over again almost endlessly until the wisdom of their limitless soul supersedes the knowledge of their limited ego.

But even then we have to remain vigilant and incessantly choose, “should I identify with the way things appear to be in the world around me? Or am I choosing to have faith and identify with the way things really are inside of me?” This is a constant process but it is one that is very predictable no matter what choice we might make.

Once it was our ego, the confused human personality we so often believed ourselves to be along with the personal narrative we usually told ourselves that blocked the awareness of our eternally wise soul-until common sense finally kicks in.

Then the tables turn and we learn how to reverse the world, our world-the stuck, suffering, confused, hairless ape world of our ego. Where once a brutal prison guard known as “the ego” incarcerated the innocent inmate that was our seemingly nonexistent soul- now it’s the other way around. The innate intelligence and infinite wisdom of our soul guides our very ego and our whole being loves it!

It’s quite poetic that I’m writing these words from inside of a federal prison! It’s ironic that it took being physically incarcerated in order for The Ego to finally surrender to its infinite soul. It fought a relentless fight for so many years and only when it was wearied and beaten to the ground with barely a breath left to breathe did it recognize the value of this surrender. It realized that all of its pain was self-inflicted and self-chosen and in prison it just simply chose to stop identifying with that dysfunctional part of itself.

In its place it chose to identify with what it knew always was- and will be there…the “invisible” energy that animates the human heart and the entire world it lives in. And beautifully, in that choosing, that which was once invisible…became visible, vibrantly visible!

What’s crazy is that I fully knew myself as “soul” as a young child and I knew myself well! How could I have been born with this only to fall so far? Oh yeah, that’s right, the conditioning of the world!

But its in going through these processes that we learn the value of what we’ve always known. That’s how it was for me anyways.

And while the story of my journey seems to have come full circle, it’s actually more like a spiral in that even though it’s circular, it’s not really coming back to where it began. It appears that way from the outside, but the closer one looks the more they realize that like a spiral it’s expanding upward and sometimes outward with each revolution, evolving if you will.

One of the greatest rewards of this spiraling path is “dramatically enhanced perception.” The more that our perceptive abilities are strengthened the more the unseen “spiritual” worlds that we intuitively know exist become seen and known. Perception is like a muscle that we can learn how to flex through our keen awareness of life experience.

I’ve often said the second most miraculous thing there is next to the miracle of life itself, is the fact that there are so many people alive who so infrequently contemplate how miraculous life truly is! We came into this world with the hardwiring to fully realize this miracle that’s called “life.” But it’s up to us as individuals and us alone to do the constant work of coming to terms with that realization!

It is my hope that human beings learn how to strengthen their muscles of perception. I hope this with all of my soul because we all deserve to know the truth of reality; that we are not just hairless apes seeking out spiritual truths. More precisely, we are spiritual beings having a human experience- and that spiritual being no longer wants to be locked up in the prison of our minds. It wants us to set ourselves free! And we are entirely capable of doing this!

But it comes down to a choice that the individual is required to make: do I want to live the life of a hairless ape (not a real ape, real apes are in tune with reality)- concerned only with my own survival? Or, am I a being of divine self-realization-cocerned with the superconscious evolutionary growth of our entire species?

I know what choice I’ve made and continue to make!

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Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky was born into this world with the ability to interpret deeply profound universal wisdom directly from his soul. Throughout the course of his life he has learned how to masterfully articulate this knowing in a way that benefits those who are desperately looking for real answers to the big questions in life.

Seth is a father, a soon to be published author of the book “A RETURN TO ENLIGHTENMENT: The Journey from Source and Back Again”, a successful entrepreneur, performing musician, gem miner in Maine, owner of Living Nutz and editor of the blog TheUniversalObserver, a website devoted to globally awakening people to the power residing in their own consciousness.

Seth has spent countless hours in meditation since he was a child, including a “forced” and extended meditation retreat in a monastery called federal prison.

Throughout all of his trials and tribulations he’s made a firm resolution to replace all of his “undesirable” personality traits with healthy and virtuous thoughts, behaviors and actions. A process he’s completely committed to. He’s not just a survivor, throughout it all he’s learned how to thrive and is confident that almost anyone can when they finally come to terms with their inner-self, the energy that animates their brain and body.

Seth faces all his issues head on and he helps others do the same. He inspires people to think luminous original thoughts, exemplifies how to build immeasurable life force and helps people understand how to develop sustained superconsciousness.

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