What it’s like to find a natural “pocket” filled with gemstones

While so many people love gems, minerals and crystals very few have actually found them out in nature and of the few who have found them, very few have found a giant “pocket” filled with them.

As a successful gem miner in the state of Maine, I have discovered many such pockets. Here’s what it’s like. Enjoy!

It was a crisp beautiful day at the Hatch’s Ledge Quarry, located up on a hill behind the Mt. Apatite farm.

It was also a few days before Halloween when I had told my mining partners Gary and Dennis that I could feel where big pockets of crystals were. They of course looked at each other and chuckled because who would have the audacity to make such a claim? And if someone did make those claims, they had better validate them with proof!

With that said I could feel in my bones that something magical was about to happen! Was it the spooky dark energy of Halloween that would give me the confidence to make this claim, or was it something else?

It was definitely something else. I know that my human body is made up of water and minerals not unlike crystals themselves. The only difference is that crystals are 3-5 hundred million years old and most people are lucky to live a century.

But within the human mind is the ability to ponder the wonders of the universe, and within that ability is a way to actually feel ones own connection to the infinite.

This was something I had known since I was a child and I had used it to find BIG pockets of crystals quite a few times in the past! I felt that today was going to be a continuation of that trend.

As I walked up the mineralized zone in the mine, my senses started going wild. This was a rich lithium pegmatite (pegmatite is a highly mineralized granite where crystals are found). Anything could be in there!

After a few minutes of “sensing” what was happening in the rock, I told Gary that I felt where a pocket was. He just smiled and handed me a drill. As the drill started grinding its way through the dense igneous mass, all I could think about were the words that Gary often murmured, “Its hard as a rock isn’t it!”

Once the drill was about a foot in, it just dropped, signifying that I had just struck a large open void in the granite body. Gary threw his hat down in amazement and exclaimed in an exciting tone “I don’t believe it!”

Sure as I claimed, there indeed was a pocket below my drill! Now it was time to get the jackhammer out in order to break into the pocket.

In about an hour we finally opened it up enough to get our hands in. After a few nice quartz crystals came out, a rare pink and blue fist sized Morganite crystal came out! We thought it was a Topaz crystal until it was later identified by Dennis as Morganite (gem pink beryl). The pocket was about the size of a football, and that pink crystal was a marvel to behold with its perfectly smooth geometric faces and impossible color.

It always blows someone’s mind when they realize that no human hand cut, carved or polished these stones. It is the earth’s form of sacred geometry.

There are no words on the planet Earth that can describe the feeling of being the first person to reach their hand into a 2-5 hundred million year old pocket of crystals and bring out a gemstone that has never seen sunlight!

For me this indescribable sensation is a peak blend of spiritual and physical experience-the immaterial human spirit interacting with the hardest material on earth. To be a human being and connect with something so ancient and geometrically formed can kind of be likened to meeting aliens from another planet or almost like having a brief conversation with what people call God. There is nothing like it. The first time it happened to me, my life was changed profoundly for the better!

After we had that pocket cleaned out, my internal radar started to go off again. I told Gary “There is a BIG pocket right over there,” as I pointed to the left of the Morganite pocket. He smiled and said “okay” and handed me the drill.

After about a foot the drill had not dropped yet, I knew there was something there but I was wondering why it hadn’t dropped. Six inches later the drill bit dropped right out of sight. Gary and Dennis were now believers of my claims.

After that first drop we drilled a few more holes around it and they all dropped. We knew it was a big pocket! Then after a couple hours of Jackhammering we were finally able to reach our hands in. What we discovered was a massive cavern that held many fine Jet Black Smokey Quartz specimens. Gary said it was the biggest pocket he had seen in at least 5-6 years.

Again, for me the experience was awe-inspiring and ineffable. By that time Carol (Owner of Hatch’s Ledge) came to see what we had discovered. One crystal after another kept coming out until I reached in and felt a big one!

A Jet Black crystal that was the biggest and most beautiful gem to come out of what we dubbed “The Halloween pocket”. It is a king jet black Smokey Quartz crystal with bubble gum hot pink Ledpidolite on the sides of it.

The contrasting black and pink makes one aware that there is only one sculptor who designs art so beautiful. During the daytime that same artist causes the sunlight to shimmer on the blue seas creating the illusion that there are countless diamonds hovering over the water. It is the same artist who paints the sky with pastel neon colors during dusk or dawn and the same artist who allows us to look into the night sky and stare into eternity while the stars scintillate in ones imagination.

To me crystals are really no different than the stars in the night sky. Physically they are made of the same stuff. So how does one go about discovering new worlds or big pockets full of crystals that are not in plain sight?

The answer is that one must make a commitment to mine the mines inside one’s mind, for within are precious gems designed by creation, for inspiration, to do what needs to be done right!

The more we become aware of the wonders within our inner world, the more we will recognize them in the outer world around us!

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What it’s like to find a natural “pocket” filled with gemstones

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky was born into this world with the ability to interpret deeply profound universal wisdom directly from his soul. Throughout the course of his life he has learned how to masterfully articulate this knowing in a way that benefits those who are desperately looking for real answers to the big questions in life.

Seth is a father, a soon to be published author of the book “A RETURN TO ENLIGHTENMENT: The Journey from Source and Back Again”, a successful entrepreneur, performing musician, gem miner in Maine, owner of Living Nutz and editor of the blog TheUniversalObserver, a website devoted to globally awakening people to the power residing in their own consciousness.

Seth has spent countless hours in meditation since he was a child, including a “forced” and extended meditation retreat in a monastery called federal prison.

Throughout all of his trials and tribulations he’s made a firm resolution to replace all of his “undesirable” personality traits with healthy and virtuous thoughts, behaviors and actions. A process he’s completely committed to. He’s not just a survivor, throughout it all he’s learned how to thrive and is confident that almost anyone can when they finally come to terms with their inner-self, the energy that animates their brain and body.

Seth faces all his issues head on and he helps others do the same. He inspires people to think luminous original thoughts, exemplifies how to build immeasurable life force and helps people understand how to develop sustained superconsciousness.

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